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The term reablement has been used in the UK since 2001. In some countries this process is called restorative care but others still use the term rehabilitation. Whatever term is used the interventions & goals remain the same but the time limit may vary. Reablement aims to restore optimum levels of physical and psychosocial wellbeing by; helping the client develop new skills, altering the impairment or adapting the physical and psychosocial environment. Reablement aims to address the self-care deficit by: boosting confidence to regain old skills, altering the impairment or adapting the environment to the new circumstances. This one day course is not just aimed at Reablement workers but is useful for those carers who may take over the care of some partially reabled clients and need to maintain the gains achieved by knowing when to ‘do for’ and when to ‘do with’ those in their care.

What people will gain by attending:-

“One of the best courses I have been on. Should be compulsory for all care staff across the board. Excellently presented by a tutor who clearly believes in the value of what he is teaching”

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