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Mental Health

Learning disability is an uncertain term which covers different conditions & syndromes. This 3 hour course aims to provide an insight into the most common forms of learning disability. The course will also examine ways of maximising a person’s independence and development.

12 things you will gain by attending course:-

Explore the current definitions of Learning Disabilities

Understand the factors that cause Learning Disabilities

Examine ways of improving communication

Describe Down’s Syndrome and the risks of contracting Alzheimer’s Disease

Discuss the management problems associated with Prader-Willi Syndrome

Outline the range of problems in Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Understand the condition known as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Describe what is meant by Fragile x Syndrome

Examine ways to reduce challenging behaviour

Learn about shaping & changing behaviours

Explore behavioural techniques to reinforce positive behaviour

Learn how story-boarding helps people predict their future

Download Objectives Assertion Skills objectives.pdf

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Learning Disability Awareness