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Mental Health Courses

Mental Health

Continence Management

Incontinence has a huge impact on the quality of peoples’ lives. Every individual affected by incontinence has the right to receive an effective package of care to either eradicate the problem or reduce it’s impact on the person. This 3 hour course will help carers to minimise the: physical, social & psychological stress of the condition.

10 benefits you will gain from attending:-

Describe the normal functioning of the bladder and bowel

Carry out a continence assessment

Describe the causes of acute & chronic incontinence

Understand the causes of constipation

Demonstrate an empathic understanding of a person with incontinence

State the complimentary therapies that can reduce incontinence

Specify the pros and cons of medical and surgical treatments

Discuss the pros and cons of surgical treatments for incontinence

List the environmental changes that can reduce functional continence

Gain an awareness of current continence products

Really interesting course and very professional trainer.